Welcome to Heart Lake United Church

At Heart Lake United Church you will find people with diverse backgrounds and experiences all coming together to share our faith and build a caring, inclusive community. Everyone belongs!

Our Mission: To live an active faith connecting God, people and community.

These are not easy times. As we begin to ‘open up’ we may be feeling relieved or maybe even more uncertain and vulnerable. The early followers of Jesus were not living in easy times either. They faced disease, economic uncertainty, great income disparity and injustice maintained by force.

Jesus knew that standing up for justice and protecting the rights and the lives of the vulnerable during such a time is not easy. Yet Jesus encouraged his followers to do just that.  He told his first disciples “I am sending you out like sheep in the midst of wolves.” He advised them to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)

With so much information coming at us and so many expert opinions being shared, we all need to use our own wisdom to sort through it all. We need to seek reliable sources and trust our own common sense. We need to put the care of others before our own comfort. We need to speak out for justice, but do it gently, firmly but gently, so that when we come through this time we will have built a more just and peaceful society for everyone. 

Jesus has more advice for being faithful witnesses to the gospel during challenging times. Join our online worship. 

  Heart Lake United Church is a model of diversity and living in harmony.   
  • all ages,
  • all genders,
  • all races,
  • all religious experiences

Everyone is important to Christ so everyone is important to us.

We all belong.

Heart Lake United Church reaches out through various programs and there is something for everyone.

On Sunday mornings  at 10:30 we worship with inspiring singing led by our music team, sermons that make the Bible relevant to today, and through sincere prayer.

We have a BLAST program for younger kids and SURGE program for youth. Our infants and toddlers are cared for by a trained ECE worker.


Pollinator & Therapeutic Garden


Pollinator & Therapeutic Garden
In the summer of 2021, our church partnered with Heart Lake Run with a small grant from the City of Brampton to expand our Community Garden.  At Heart Lake United Church, we care about the environment and the impacts of climate change.  Our food sources depend on the activity of pollinators.  Everything from fruit trees, nuts, honey, berries and flowers would not produce without pollinators.  We decided to do our part, convertin over 300sq feet of grass to make a lovely Pollinator Garden beside our vegetable garden.
The benefits of a beautiful and nature filled outdoor space, go beyond pollination.  Research now shows that spending time outside, among plants and trees, and digging in the earth has many health benefits including stress reduction and stronger immune systems.  
We believe in sharing the knowledge that benefits people and the environment.  We hosted a webinar on Permaculture (link here) and sponsored 8 free sessions of "Forest Therapy" with a trained guide.  
"Many hands make light work":  Looking to make a difference in your community, help the environment, sit and enjoy a garden space, or work in the dirt?  For one or two hours a week?  Check out the Heart Lake Community Garden Facebook page and learn how to become a volunteer and join our friendly garden team.  
We have plans to expand the garden space in the summer of 2022 to include a "Reflexology Path" and fruit trees!  


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