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Does prayer work?  Does God answer prayer?  If your prayer resembles a wish list probably not, but if your prayer helps you connect to God, find strength and peace for the challenges of life, then yes.  Prayer is important to us but we are all just learning how to do it.  What works for one person, may not be right for another.  We provide lots of tips to help you in your prayer life.  Dedicated time, focus, physical presence and practice are important aspects of all prayer.  In whatever way you pray, try taking three deep breaths before you start.

If you are a quick text sort of communicator you can use Pray Through the Day.  Send a text to God several times a day to let God know how thankful you are, what your concerns are and how you are doing.  

If technology isn’t your thing, and even if it is, it is not always available.  We need some words of hope and comfort not just at our finger tips but on our minds.  Pick up your favourite Bible Verse and memorize one each week.  Use this as your prayer.  

If you need a bit more time to get your thoughts together, try 5 to 15

Each week find more ideas in our Prayer Prompt.

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